Business scope

Main Fields of Practice


International Trade and Investment


To look for investment opportunities and partners in domestic and abroad on behalf of Chinese and Foreign enterprises and provide relevant legal consultation service; to make diligence investigation on the credit and feasibility of investment on behalf of clients; to assist clients in drafting trade contracts, negotiating or participating in foreign arbitration and litigation.


Finance, Insurance, Securities and Futures


To provide legal service in aspects of establishment and operation of commercial banks, insurance companies and other financial enterprises, management and operation of various of investment funds, various of commercial loan and international bank group loan, public entrust, capital market, claim for insurance, property mortgage and impawn and transactions of securities and various of futures, and to participate in litigation caused by the aforesaid transactions


Real Estate


To prepare relevant legal documents of large real estate project; to help to draft and checkup the contracts of remising, transferring and renting use right of land, renting, mortgaging and guaranteeing of house, and logistics management; to go through formalities of approving land for building project, bank’s installment and carrying out mortgage; to provide professional legal service for developer, contractor and owner.


Corporate Legal Affairs


To provide legal service in aspects of company’s incorporation, merger, separation, take-over, recombination, stock transfer ,contract and asset definition; to assist Chinese enterprise in setting up joint-ventures and offices in Hong Kong, USA and so on; to handle the legal affairs such as company’s dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation.


Intellectual Property


To provide legal service in aspects of trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret; to participate in negotiating the technology transfer and use contracts and draft legal documents; to assist in settling the tort disputes about intellectual property.


Civil and Commercial Law Services


We provide debt recovering, personal accident compensation, labor contract dissension, martial dissension and the procedure of inheriting a fortune services for clients. Act for clients in various contracts’ making, such as the contract of sales, leasing contract and transport contract, as well as the commodities’ regional law services. Solving distribution dissension and recovering the business bond for clients. We also provide law services in building industry, such as construction projects’ approval, joint venture contracts, public bidding, bidding, and concession documents etc. 


Criminal law services


We provide legal advice for suspects, apply the obtaining a guarantor and pending trial, and collect evidences for our clients. We will undertake the defender role, lodge enter an appeal, and act for clients in suing as well as appealing.


Maritime affairs and maritime commerce law services


We will act for our clients in solving shipping collision, grease contamination, general average of marine insurance, shipping seizure and maritime personal accident issue. Act for drafting, examining and leasing, bill of lading, marine insurance, ship making and transferring as well as the shipping financing related contract texts. Undertaking the legal adviser for the shipping industries, accepting consignation and participating in the above mentioned related maritime affairs arbitration and lawsuit.


Legal adviser


We accept the employment of government organs, businesses, public institutions, and conventional persons, to be their legal adviser and undertake the barrister of special businesses.


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